Florida is facing unprecedented environmental challenges. We see our state’s vulnerabilities in climate change, which manifest in climbing temperatures, rising sea levels, worsening storms and the spread of emergent diseases. Coupled with the pressures from unbounded population growth, increasing tourism, intensive agriculture, habitat fragmentation and myriad other factors, our state’s natural systems are in a precarious balance.

Now more than ever, Florida deserves a publication that contextualizes and casts a critical eye on the environmental issues characterizing our state.

So: a warm welcome to The Marjorie, an online publication that fills the niche for in-depth, thoughtful and sustained reporting on the state’s environment, from the inside out. Part-blog, part-news magazine, part-commentary, part-community, The Marjorie is the brainchild of three journalists and Florida natives, Hannah Brown, Becca Burton and Anna Hamilton.

Here’s a little bit about what you can expect from us:

  • We write about people doing environmental work in Florida
  • We infuse our own sensibilities, opinions and experiences through editorial work
  • We are a resource that connects environmental workers in Florida
  • We curate the most important environmental topics/issues/reporting in Florida
  • We consider environmental issues through specific lenses, be they historical, feminist or humor, to shine a light on new angles and perspectives

As well, The Marjorie’s mission is to build an online space where environmental leaders in Florida can network, learn the facts of environmental issues and hear the stories of the people who are most affected. With our directory of environmental leaders and our commitment to supporting open dialogues between all sides, we are building a community across the state geared toward protecting Florida’s changing environments.

A crucial aspect of The Marjorie is acknowledging the role women have long played in Florida’s environmental movements. Our name is a tip of the hat to three women whose work helped define contemporary environmental advocacy: author and journalist Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings; journalist, feminist and Everglades advocate Marjory Stoneman Douglas; and conservationist and activist Marjorie Harris Carr.

We use the Marjories as jumping off points, guides and inspirations, and celebrate their commitment to wild Florida—but we also intend to explore and complicate their legacies to bring nuance to the discussion of what we mean when we say “environment,” to whom those spaces apply and how we can do better moving forward.

The Marjorie is dedicated to bringing people together in the name of protecting Florida’s lands, waters, animals and people. We invite you to join our community of environmental leaders by engaging with us and participating in the conversation.

The story of Florida’s environment is sometimes tragic, sometimes triumphant. Wherever we go from here, The Marjorie will be there, too, documenting the progress and missteps, and offering insight.