The Marjorie is Florida’s independent reporting outlet dedicated to the critical intersection of social justice and the environment.

We know that to be a Floridian is to feel and face extraordinary environmental challenges. Impacts from the climate crisis, pressures from unbounded population growth, increasing tourism, intensive agriculture, extractive industries, habitat fragmentation, legacies of bad policy, and myriad other factors threaten our state’s ecosystems—and their abilities to support us.

We also know that the consequences of these impacts are felt unequally and inequitably, depending on race, class, ability, access to resources, and other socioeconomic factors.

Our mission is to report on Florida’s deeper human story, recognizing that the crises we face are not simple scenarios with straightforward solutions. We embrace the gray area, with all of its messy nuance and complex history. 

We believe that doing so helps break through the partisan noise, and helps Floridians make empowered, well-informed, and reparative decisions.

As a woman-owned nonprofit, we prioritize underserved perspectives and feature overlooked experiences. Our name channels the fire, intelligence, and passion of Florida’s three iconic Marjories: author Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, conservationist Marjorie Harris Carr, and advocate Marjory Stoneman Douglas.

We are not a breaking news organization. We specialize in telling in-depth stories about Florida’s environment that consider human values as well as important historical and cultural contexts. 

As the stakes get higher, the demand grows for new and better ways to tell stories. We meet that challenge with an ever-evolving media landscape that is rooted in reclaiming Florida’s deeper story. 

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